Artificial Lift Training Course title:
Troubleshooting Artificial Lift Operations
Special Emphasis - ESP Applications

Principal Facilitator: David P. Davidson
Lead Facilitator: Ray Johnson

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This class is focused on electric submersible pump operations. Alternatively, please contact us if you're looking for a class structured to the troubleshooting of gas lift, pcp, jet pump, rod pump, or a combination of artificial lift type operations, together with esp's.

Course Objectives:

Achieving training resultsUpon completion, training participants (Oil & Gas Production engineers, technicians and operators) will :

1. Establish baseline, by identifying ESP operating problems by analyzing traditional motor operating data.
2. Evaluate the root cause of ESP operating issues by use of advanced continual process improvement methods.
3. Lead a team based root cause remedy process to tackle the ESP operating problem set.
4. Assess and report on proper remedy to resolve respective ESP operating problems.
5. Demonstrate preparation of at least one case study report of financial operations savings, and / or improved revenue from increased oil production utilizing newly learned troubleshooting techniques.

At its core, these proposed objectives define the major "take-aways" that engineers and production foremen will learn after completing the training. This training is designed exclusively for oil & gas operators. Participants will be able to break out into work groups with faciliators to solve other artificial lift methods besides electric submersible pump such as PCP, Jet Pump systems, Gas Lift, Rod Pump, and Hydraulic Pump.

esp training

Achieving training results
Training Schedule
3.5 days
Actual schedule varies slightly from class to class.
Final training schedule provided to attendees on day 1.

  Day 1

  1:00 pm       Opening

  2:05 pm       Ground Rules & Classroom Safety Awareness

  2:15 pm       Introductions: Facilitator and Participants

  2:20 pm       Exercise 1

  2:40 pm       Capture & Complete Objectives

  Break       2:50 pm - 3:00 pm

  3:00 pm       ESP System Overview

  3:45 pm       Exercise 2 - Identification of Common ESP Operating Problems

  4:30 pm       Lessons Learned - Summary,

  5:00 pm       Tomorrow's Schedule and Homework Assignments

Achieving training results Day 2

  9:00 am      Facilitator Opening

  9:05 am      Presentations - Homework

  9:30 am - 11:00 am       ESP Troubleshooting - Core Parameters

  11:00 - 12:30 pm       Lunch and Business communications, email, etc.

  12:30 pm       Motor Characteristic Operating Data - Exercise Sets 1-3

  4:00 pm       Briefing - Understanding the ESP Motor Characteristic Curve, & ESP System Thrust Curve

  4:45pm       Lessons Learned - Summary

  5:00 pm       Tomorrow's Schedule and Homework Assignments

Achieving training results Day 3

  9:00 am      Facilitator Opening

  9:05 am      Presentations - Homework

  9:30 am - 11:00 am       ESP Root Cause Systems Process for Troubleshooting - Segment 1.

  11:00 - 1:00 pm       Lunch and Business communications, email, etc.

  1:00 - 4:30 pm       ESP Root Cause Systems Process for Troubleshooting - Segment 2.

  4:45pm       Lessons Learned - Summary

  5:00 pm       Tomorrow's Schedule and Homework Assignments

Achieving training results Day 4

  8:00 am      Facilitator Opening

  8:05 am      Presentations - Homework

  8:30 am - 10:00 am       ESP Root Cause Systems Process for Troubleshooting - Segment 3.

  10:15 am - 11:50 am       ESP Root Cause Systems Process for Troubleshooting - Segment 4.

  12:00 pm - 1:00 pm       Working Lunch and Business communications, email, etc.

  12:00 pm -3:30 pm       Case Study Exercises ESP Troubleshooting - Segment 5 & 6. (Lunch workthrough allowed while during teamwork and preparation)

  3:45 pm - 4:30 pm       Presentations

  4:45pm       Lessons Learned - Summary

  5:00 pm       Awards Ceremony

Achieving training results Optional Knowledge Base additions - Technical Primers

Based on pre-class input and requests, briefs on various ESP systems topics may be included in the program.

Examples of Primer Topics from previous classes are shown below. Actual topics vary, depending on time allowed, student requests and input during registration and before the classes begin. Primer topics are to be decided upon prior to final registration and commencement of classes.

  Dialogues - typically about 20 min.

•  Primers - Sand, Corrosion, Fluids
•  Primers - Applications as Root Cause in Early Pulls
•  Primers - Cable Splice, Pothead connections
•  Primers - Variable Speed Drive and Harmonics
•  Primers - Carbonates
•  Primers - API ESP Teardown Standards

      Course Fees:

Achieving training results $3290 USDLR - San Antonio, Houston Texas and Denver, Colorado.
$3950 - London, Rio di Janeiro, Panama City, Chiang Mai, Dubai, Florence and Jakarta

Please email for group prices. Custom pricing also offered should you opt for training at your own operator facilities and locations.

Healthy snacks and drinks are made available gratis during class times. Attendees are responsible for their own airfare, accomodations, meals, etc.

Schedule Aug-Dec, 2012

• London - Sept 25-28, 2012
• Mexico City - Oct 23-26, 2012
• Denver - Nov 14-16, 2012
• Chiang Mai, Thailand Dec 4-7, 2012
• Other, please let us know any dates and special locations you and your company would be interested in.

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What separates Artificial Lift. pro from the rest? More value received, - your employees will complete training and be prepared the next day at work to achieve your required objectives - to improve operations and help your company profit. In addition, employees are rewarded with world class professional training. Training ON TARGET !

Customized solutions. By preparing objectives with you at the beginning of curriculum development, our goal is to
- determine ESP operational behavioral outcomes when applying new skill sets and lessons learned.
- establish a reference point in determining: structure, content, instructional/learning methods, and assessment & evaluation design
- develop a communications tool should you need to introduce the course to other employees and managers within your company.
- provide a motivational device for the production professionals in setting expectations and targets.
- obtain a framework to help develop the studentís ability for self-assessment.

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