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We're a global team of oil & gas production artificial lift professionals, and in association with the network.

Most of our pros have 25+ years industry experience. Many have 35+ years artificial lift know how.

We work on a project basis, by dayrate or fixed price contract.

Our mission is to help our clients solve problems. Focus: meet client measured objectives right on target. Goal - 100 % customer satisfaction.

A question we hear frequently. Can you provide artificial lift equipment pricing support; for example, esp spart parts or special tooling design pricing? Answer: Yes, we can provide price surveys and give you an idea if you're getting best value pricing. If it's online tooling or parts pricing you're looking for, esp pricing is available :

We've put together this section of the website to give you an idea of our professional capabilities. Our associates are specialists in their disciplines. As a team, we offer our clients approaches to solutions, second to none. Please contact us today, and let us know how we can help.

On the left column of this webpage are a number of links, describing some of our areas of speciality. We've also listed these items below. If you don't find the topic you're looking for, please send us email and let us know. One of our lead Principal Associates will get back to you. Thanks!

You'll see that we offer an extensive client service package. In all cases, your project will be assigned to some of the finest and most experienced industry professionals - working with you to solve challenges in your operations.

professionals Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis
professionals Engineered Applications
professionals Specifying equipment, topsides and downhole.
professionals Innovative tooling solutions to unique problem sets
professionals Electrical Power challenges
professionals Variable Speed Drive integration
professionals Production Optimization
professionals Managing artificial lift OPEX
professionals Control System & remote COM networking integration
professionals Professional training, to measurable objectives
professionals Water injection, waterflood, water disposal
professionals Fluids applications: sand abrasives, H2S, asphaltenes, CO2, scaling, corrosion
professionals Service center - technology transfer - regional commissioning
professionals CBM / CSG artificial lift applications and problem solving
professionals Factory inspections
professionals Vendor proposal review and advisory services
professionals Technology surveys and assessments
professionals Pricing surveys - artificial lift equipment
professionals Market reports
professionals Investment analysis

Looking for something else related to artificial lift? Please contact us today and let us know.

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